MicroCloud Secure Application Platform

MicroCloud Secure Application Platform

MicroCloud X4

Miniaturized Linux Development Platform

MicroCloud X4 is a high-performance, programmable, low-power computing platform on a microSD card. MicroCloud X4 provides a secure, portable, and pluggable computing platform for commercial, industrial, and military-grade smart devices.

Secure hardware and software stacks

The MicroCloud X4 platform is highly secure, scalable, and available for integration into mobile and IoT devices across government, enterprise, and consumer applications. To ensure resilience MicroCloud X4 provides:

Highest Level of Security. MicroCloud X4 provides military-grade security.

Maximum Usability.

Robust Scalability to handle the proliferation of mobile and IoT devices

Securing both DAR and DIT

MicroCloud X4 enables mobile and IoT host devices to secure both Data at Rest (DAR) and Data in Transit (DIT). The MicroCloud SDK provides direct access to the secure computing and storage functionality of X4 hardware. Data at Rest and Data in Transit secured by the SAIFE® Continuum.

Powerful and efficient

With our unique CoolEngine™, ARM processor, RAM, and flash storage, MicroCloud X4 has everything you need.

MicroCloud Linux

Delivering the full power of Linux programmability


An astonishing high-performance, ultra low-power processor

Bringing security and intelligence to mobile & IoT

MicroCloud X4 can bring secure computation, storage, and communication to a wide variety of devices

Securing Mobile Devices

Secure your apps from malicious attacks

Securing IoT Devices

Preventing attacks on connected devices

Securing Drones

Protecting ground control of UAVs and aerial images captured by drones

Securing Cameras

MicroVault is the ultimate way to protect your imagery

Securing Wearables

Encrypted computation and storage for next generation wearables

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